Saturday, 4 February 2012

Is Dai Mac Back?

We had a comment yesterday from an anonymous reader claiming to be former Senghenydd CC stalwart Dai Maclaren. Dave graced the Windsor ground for many years. During his time he was dubbed Elwyn’s apprentice, as his dogged batting style and Boycott temperament made Dave an ideal opening batsman. It wasn’t always that way for Dave though who had a bit of ‘dodgy start’ with bat but when he adopted his ‘F**k the Duck’ motto his attitude towards batting changed and he focused on not giving his wicket away and not getting himself out. It was this attitude that allowed Dave to score the runs he did for Senghenydd.

If Dave’s comment is correct, then he maybe considering a comeback. If Dave still has the mental toughness to batting and the same dogged determination to keep his wicket in tact he will be a great addition to the squad for the 2012 season.


  1. Your last sentence should read "great addition", not "edition". I am not a bloody newspaper. You will be pleased to know that I have not mellowed with age. Dai Mac.

  2. Very true thank you for correcting my use of the English language.

    So will you be dusting off the old bat and padding up again this year Dai?

    1. I have'nt decided yet. The problem I have now is when I go down on the floor, it takes me ten minutes to get up again. Maybe if you are short. The other thing putting me off is when I remember how much it cost me when we went out for a drink. I bought the first round then everyone disappeared. I suppose all you youngsters are now well paid professionals who will buy me beer all night. When is nets in the YMCA?

    2. If it takes you 10 minutes to get back up you won't even the slowest in the team. Mike Skippy Walters is still rolling back the years. AGM is in March, we're a bit skint at the moment, if we have enough demand for nets and people are prepared pay their way then we can organise something after that.

      Well we are regularly after players to fill the team up so you may as well sign up and play.

      Re the drinks its funny I always remember buying you one back, but I guess I could be swayed to buy the first round if you come back and play regularly.

    3. You must be desperate if you've got that old fart Mike still playing. He was slow 10 years ago so I dread to think what he is like now. I do under 11's football at the YMCA so I will have a chat with Elwyn tomorrow.