Friday, 27 January 2012

Pakistan v England Day 3 so far

England did manage to get past Pakistan’s total in fact they got a nice little 70 run lead. Thanks to Stuart Broad chipping in with nice 58 not out. It has been the Monty show with the ball, Panesar taking 3-40 so far leaving Pakistan on 93-4. Its a good position for England but they want to be getting the remaining Pakistan batsman out cheaply so they are a chasing a bare minimum total to win. Boycott seems to think that England will win it from here and they have to be favourites but with England…you never know!


  1. Gethyn, I have just read that one of your favourite moments was my 39 not out in 45 overs. Well, I have to tell you that my dad, Elwyn, has aked me to make a comeback, a la Paul Scholes. I still have my F*** the duck bat gathering dust in the attic. Please tell the old man that you youngsters do not need an old fart like me. Dai Mac

  2. Hello Dai Mac,

    Very nice to hear from you. Your 39* from 45 overs is one of my favourite memories. (I had a long sleep during that innings: ) Along with the time you dug up the Rugby club try line.


    In fact you have been missed the last few years.

    Unfortunately even the 'youngsters' are getting old and lots of people are doing their own thing with their families and cricket is not always the top priority. And the proper youngsters are not as plentiful or committed as we used to be all those years ago

    So if you did fancy making a comeback, you'd be more than welcome.